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The Site
The site is a personal, non commercial site. It was created to share images of nature's animals.

How it started
In the spring of 2013 I was taking the dogs for a walk in the woods and eating an apple. I threw the apple core over a fence. The next day I noticed it was gone. Soon I was leaving a whole apple. After a while I wanted to see who was taking the apple. So I set up a cheep camera attached to a pc.

There are two high definition cameras recording 24/7 to an upgraded pc.

Of interest
Watching the animals come, eat and go gets old after a while. But watching them as they grow and how they behave through the seasons is always interesting. And once in a while they exhibit some new surprising behavior. Some animals have a unique feature that allows them to be identified. Watching their progress it is easy to feel vested it their welfare.